Club Service -- Meetings and Fellowship.

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Brainstorm Possible Project List :

Local projects for club's consideration within our 5-year plan (single year or ongoing participation possible). Members may want to choose 2 or 3 for a given year.

Fresh ideas from new members always welcome :

- Four Way Speech Contest in District 6690

- Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)

- Sister Club relationship in District 6690 to share ideas and fellowship. Candidates include Clintonville Club (started the same year as Canal Winchester), Columbus Short North (generally younger creative bunch), Lancaster-Sherman Club (off shoot of the longer-established more traditional Lancaster Club), Worthington AM (small-to-mid size club with creativity)

- Tour of Scioto River Valley (TOSRV) bike ride volunteers - an timely opportunity to support this 60-year old bike tour that now begins at CW and is supported by the CW Historical Society.

- Lithopolis Honey Festival volunteers - CW Area Rotary Club has helped park cars for 3 years at this event.

- Groveport Community Programs , voluteer support

- Carroll Community Festival

- National Barbershop Museum - an historical treasure right in our backyard!

- Progeny Family Training Center  -- A quietly effective miracle program in our community. Our CW Area club's very first speaker in 2008 was from Progeny.

- Relay for Life voluteers in local area

- Peletonia Ride Peletonia Ride 

- Furniture Assembly with Rey-Pick/Other Clubs 

- After Prom Events

- Meals on Wheels 

- Support for area Food Banks

- Senior Transportation Networks

- Local Inoculation Awareness including measles; polio and malaria on global basis.

- Opiod crisis assistance

- Youth Mentoring, possibly including "All That" founded by Danella Hicks, twice guest at our club and mother of two outbound summer exchange students sponsored by our club.

- Rotary Peace Fellowship - Sponsoring of student or help sponsoring within District 6690; 3-5 year planning range.

- Area Park support including creek clean ups:

Slate Run , Chestnut Ridge , McGuill Park . Walnut Woods, Pickerington Ponds , Lockville Park ; an abundance of parks/trails within a 10 mile radius.

How Fun for our Area Kids! CW Area Rotary Club  paid youth participation in summer learning program.

- Fairfield County Historical Parks -- support for community awareness events, including at Lockville Park which the CW Area Rotary Club supported in its founding days, and also supported the vote for the Fairfield County Parks which now funds Lockville.

- Student Tutoring in area schools

- Vocational Awareness/Mentoring programs for area students 

- Adult career retraining :

- Adult Literacy 

- Litter Awareness campaigns and/or Adopt a Road clean up (one candidate would be Amanda Northern adjacent to Chestnut Ridge Park).

- Support local area Historical Societies

- Health Awareness and/or support for new mothers and infants

- Special needs education and/or gifted student support 

International Project Ideas

Clean Water Project - Continuation of past water project, or identify new location. Possibly connect with other clubs or Rotary District 6690.

Polio Plus - Continued financial support by our club and/or individual members.

Summer Youth Exchange - Family to Family. Perhaps easiest entry and least expensive for club.

Long-term Outbound Student in the 2021-2022 school year.

Host long-term inbound student in an area school system for 2022-2023 school year (more cost and coordination involved).

Rotary Peace Fellowship Student participation for 2023 or later time frame.

Hosting of Group Study Exchange along with other District 6690 clubs. Former club members Luke Haire and Past Club President Brent Foley participated in this exchange to India.

Sister Rotary Club abroad starting in 2021. Contacts already exist in Spain, Mexico, Germany, northern France, Columbia and Ecuador. Not a formal program but would add to awareness of Rotary in other countries.

- Friendship Exchange with an individual Rotarian/family from abroad. Can be informal and club-self-directed, perhaps for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. To support international understanding, peace, friendship and goodwill among global Rotarians.

Fundraising Ideas for 1-3 Years Out -

Bring "Service Above Self" to Life !

Members may want to choose 1 major fundraiser per year, and 1 or 2 smaller ones.

New/Prospective Members... 

We Obviously Need Your Ideas :)

Just discovered FaceBook Page for Rotary Fundraiser Ideas

Another Fundraiser Link (does not appear to be Rotary sponsored)

263 Do-It-Yourself Fundraiser Ideas (includes crazy stuff not endorsed but great to stretch imagination)

Other Rotary Districts Ideas:

Effective Rotary Fundraising Ideas

Looking for Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising Ideas To Get You Started

Rotarian Economist

Polio Fundraisers Around the Globe

Wizards Basketball or similar event

Give Us Your Best Shot - Club-arranged event in local schools where teachers shoot 3-pointers, foul shots, longest basket, pin-point passing (knock down a bowling pin with one-bouce pass). Maybe competition between area schools or between students and teachers. No link - just made it up :) Could be held schools and/or local YMCAs. Could be mayor and municipal leaders rather than teachers.

Euchre and/or Poker Events: An early favorite of our club.

High School Band or individual instrument competition fun event

Auction Event - Was a good source of funds for our sponsoring Reynoldsburg/Pickerington Club for many years. Quality live and silent auction items along with music, comedian or other entertainment. An alternate idea from the Toronto Rotary (hey they are the NBA Champs)

Canal Days - Fund Raiser centered around early days of the Ohio-Erie Canal system, held in Lithopolis Park and/or at Groveport Lock. Could include a numbered ping-pong ball fishing event out of the locks for prizes, best costume among visitors, come us out here :) Maybe model after Duck Race at the Worthington AM Club

Car Raffles- We have two huuuuge (presidental language) auto dealerships. This has raised big bucks for more than one club over the years; can be all done online or a live event. Examples: Think Big-Phoenix Rotary ;   MarlbouroghClub ; Highland Rotary

Donkey Basektball 

Spring Flower Sale - Early fundraiser for our CW Area Club. Wreath Sale - CW Rotary had partnered with the Lancaster AM Club for about 4 years...marginal cost of adding our club's order helped keep costs down. Rose Sale - a go to fundraiser for many clubs over many years.

These fundraisers could be particularly profitable if we added value. For example, special ribbons, pine cones to custom design a wreath; advice on plants for wet areas, soil conditions, sun/shade, color combinations; Roses picked up at Rotarian businesses or delivered to door, boxes decorated with ribbons, hand mixing of rose colors.

Fundraiser built around local artists - many talented women and men in our communities.

Club Fundraisers

Page Under Construction June 2019 ! More Recent Photos soon :)

Global Projects Your Area Club Has Supported. 

Local Service Projects